Technology - Tait modern

While vets are typically rather slow at getting up to speed with technology, we are embracing it for a number of reasons. 

First, we will be able to reduce our costs by taking advantage of a number of things for example electronic billing, enabling us to pass on those savings to you. 

In addition, there are a number of clinical advantages to technology.  In the vast majority of cases there is very little substitute for a thorough clinical examination and where prescription-only drugs are involved this will always need to be carried out. However there are a number of circumstances in which digital photography, mobile phones and the internet can revolutionise the way we interact with you. 

By way of example, if your horse sustained a wound while out on a hack, photos sent to your vet's mobile would provide a number of immediate advantages:

1.  the severity of the wound could quickly be assessed which would help in determining the need for, or urgency of, a visit from the vet;
2.  we could provide immediate first aid advice to you at the time;
3.  photographs provide part of a clinical record which is very useful for insurance claims; and
4.  in the convalescence period of long standing wounds clients are often left to change dressings with the vet only attending intermittently. Photos sent after each dressing change might allow for a more rapid change in treatment plan for the wound so that the most appropriate therapy is in place all the time and in some circumstances it may cut down on the number of visits (and cost) required to adequately monitor the wounds progression or alert us as soon as possible when things are not going in the correct direction so they can be resolved.

Technology is improving extremely quickly and in the next few years advancements will, no doubt, further improve the way the vets interact with their clients. Equitait aims to remain ahead of the game in this field without compromising the intimacy and bond of the relationship.


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