Basic foaling kit

The Equitait basic foaling kit is essential for anyone whose mare is due to foal.  The kit includes the following:

  • 250mls 0.5% chlorhexidine naval dip with surgical spirit
  • Plastic canister for naval dipping  
  • 4 x obstetrical arm length gloves 
  • 4 x latex disposable gloves (large)
  • 1 x 500ml obstetrical lubrication
  • Foaling guide
  • Carry case
(+ postage: £4.50)

Arm Length Gloves (10)

10 arm length gloves (colour supplied may vary)

(+ postage: £2.50)

Obstetrical Lube 500ml 

Obstetical Lube 500ml

(+ postage: £4.50)

Chlorhexidine Naval Dip with Surgical Spirit 250ml 

Chlorhexididine naval dip with surgical spirit 250mls

(+ postage: £4.50)

TuffRock Foal Plus (1ltr)

TuffRock Foal Plus aids in supporting healthy intestinal function in newborn foals and supports normal bowel function during gastric challenges in foals, weanlings, yearlings and adult horses. It is all natural and contains no drugs, chemicals, antibiotics, probiotics, enzymes, heavy metals, preservatives or flavouring. It is an easy to use oral liquid and naturally palatable.

(+ postage: £4.50)

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