Products to help prevent Infectious Diseases

Equi-Tab Water treatment tablets (12)

Equi-Tab water treatment tablets are the most effective approach to water disinfection in outdoor environments. This will help combat the spread between horses of infectious bacteria, including the stangles bacteria Strep equi. Also effective against tough contaminants such as Cryptosporidum and Giardia. Equi-Tab is based on the very powerful Clo2 water treatment biocide. Equi-Tab is more effective than Chlorine or Iodine.

Directions: Remove one tablet from foil packaging. Place the tablet in a water container or water bucket and wait for the tablet to dissolve. Equi-tabs are designed for single use. Use Algae Stop for water troughs.

Weight: 100 g

(+ postage: £2.50)

Algae Stop Treatment for water trough

Algae stop water treatment sachet, a safe and convenient way to use Chlorine Dioxide for water disinfection and Algae control.

Algae Stop has been developed to incorporate the immediate biocidal effectiveness of chlorine dioxide and also has water treatment minerals to abait further development of bacteria. Algae Stop has been designed for total destruction of biofilm forming bacteria ensuring constant clean drinking water between applications.

Directions: Remove the inner sachet from the outer foil packaging, DO NOT open the inner sachet, place the sachet directly into the water trough. Replace sachet once a month or more regularly if in direct sunlight as this affects algae growth. Clean the trough before initial use and at least once annually thereafter.

Weight: 25 g per sachet

(+ postage: £2.50)

Digital Thermometer

Accuracy +/- 0.1 degrees C

It is worth all horse owners being able to take their horse's temperature. An elevated temperature is an indicator that veterinary advice should be sought.

(+ postage: £2.50)

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