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Pre-breeding Assessment Voucher

Pre-breeding assessment

The aim of this examination is to help identify the mare's suitability for mating and advise you of where we can help from a veterinary input.
The value of examining the mare prior to the breeding season is that some problems can be identified and therefore resolved prior to the start of the breeding season, thus saving on time and money further down the line.

Voucher valid from Jan 01 until March 31st. The timing of the examination is subject to the veterinarians availability. 

What does it include :
1. A discussion about you expectations, choice of stallion and method of service.
2. Discussion about the mares previous breeding history. This will include chatting about the number of previous foals and any complications associated with this and/or failed attempts at getting the mare in foal.
3. General health of the mare. During this we will assess her physical condition, and general health
4. Assessment of her vulvular conformation. If there is an indication the veterinary surgeon may suggest performing a Caslick's procedure in an attempt to prevent pneumovagina.
5. Where relevant we would then collect swab samples from the clitoral fossa and sinuses for culture. Many studs will insist on this prior to the mare going to the stud. This is recommended irrespective of the method of service.
6. Examination per vaginam using a speculum. Collection of an endometrial swabs for bacterial culture and stained smear only if the mare is in oestrus. Examination of stained smear included. (Bacterial culture fees not included)
7. Manual vaginal examination†
8. Examine the reproductive tract by rectal palpation†
9. Transrectal real-time ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract†. Including assessment of the ovaries and uterus as well as mapping for uterine cysts. Mapping for uterine cysts is very useful to avoid the confusion of mistaking the cysts for a conceptus at the time of pregnancy diagnosis.
† Where practical and safe to do so. Ie in smaller mares it may not be safe to perform a rectal or vaginal examination and so this voucher may be of less benefit to owners of such horses.                                                                 Please note all rectal examinations carry a small risk of rectal tear with associated complications. 

Not included are the costs associated with
• Visit fee
• Sedation to facilitate safe examination
• Caslick's procedure
• External lab fees associated with the culture of clitoral or endometrial swabs. 
• Ancillary tests that may be recommend where there have been previous problems eg Endometrial biopsy, Endoscopic examination of the endometrium, Blood sample for hormone/chromosome analysis

The price of £60 is a significant saving on the indivdual component parts (approx £114.41)


Voucher - dental examination and rasp

Buy a voucher for your horse to have a dental examination and dental work (3rd Jan to 31st March) limited to Equitait clients only.

Terms and conditions:

  • The visit fee together with any sedation and any procedures outside of a normal tooth rasping (eg  extractions, diastema widening) are not included in the price of this voucher and are all payable at the time of the appointment

  • The voucher may only be used by the person named on in the box above or by their representative, with their written consent

  • The voucher may only be redeemed once

  • At least one week's advance notice of the appointment is required

  • If you cancel the dental appointment less than 48 hours before the appointment, then you will forfeit the voucher

  • No refunds shall be given and the voucher is not exchangeable for cash or credit

  • The voucher may only be redeemed for appointments between 3 January and 31 March 2015 between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm on weekdays

  • Clients must be registered with Equitait Veterinary Practice prior to the visit date. 

  • The assessment must be performed within the practice area (see http://www.equitait.com/page27.htm for details)


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