For an informative owners guide on mud fever please see our Equitait factsheet.

This page contains Trus-steeds range of novel bio-security products using Chlorine dioxide.

Equi-Oxcide Skin Treatment and Barrier Spray Pack

Pack containing 1 x Equi-Oxcide Skin Treatment and 1 x Equi-Oxcide Barrier Spray 

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Equi-Oxcide – Skin treatment

Using Advanced Chlorine Dioxide technology, Equi-Oxcide with its unique activation system has been developed to destroy the bacteria that causes skin conditions in muddy and wet conditions. Equi-Oxcide destroys bacteria, fungi and spores. Directions:Equi-Oxcide is a two part treatment. Bottle (1) contains Chlorine Dioxide Bottle (2) contains an activator. Mix equal amounts from each bottle into the packaging and mix using the brush supplied. Brush the mixed gel onto the affected area. This should be repeated 2 – 3 times a week until the area is clear. DO NOT REMOVE THE SCABS APPLY DIRECTLY ONTO THE SCABS. Equi-Oxcide will penetrate the scabs and destroy the bacteria. When the scabs fall off the spores have been destroyed by Equi-Oxcide. Only mix the amount required and use straight away.

After using Equi-Oxcide treatment apply Equi-Oxcide barrier spray on the areas prone to bacteria from muddy conditions. This will reduce the risk of re-infection. Weight: 200 g


Independent advice from Equitait Veterinary Practice : We find this product particularly useful for milder cases where the horse doesn't tolerate having the scabs picked off. For more information on mud fever treatments please see our factsheet.


(+ postage: £4.50)

Equi-Oxcide Barrier Spray 500ml

Equi-Oxcide Barrier Spray has been formulated to combat the bacteria causing skin conditions from wet and muddy conditions. After treatment using the Equi-Oxcide treatment, the barrier spray will reduce the risk of re-infection. Use Equi-Oxcide barrier spray on areas prone to wet and muddy conditions.

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Chlorhexidine antibacterial scrub (500ml)

Chlorhexidine (also widely known as Hibiscrub) is effective against a wide range of bacteria yeasts some fungi and viruses. Can be used for general skin cleansing. It is normally diluted with clean water prior to application.

Independent advice from Equitait Veterinary Practice : This is one of our most commonly used skin cleaners, which we use for a variety of purposes including: preparation of skin for surgery, cleaning of contaminated wounds and treatment of certain skin conditions (such as "Mud Fever"). Remember if left on the skin Chlorhexidine can be irritant and so it is important to always rinse the skin thoroughly after it's use. For information on how to use Chlorhexidine within a treatment proceedure for Mud Fever please see our factsheet.  

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