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Flexadin UC-II

Flexadin UC-II, containing the patented ingredient undenatured type II collagen, is the latest addition to the Equistro Flexadin range.  UC-II sets itself apart from other joint management ingredients as it works in harmony with the horse's joints making Flexadin UC-II more beneficial than a glucosamine and chondroitin product.

Independent advice from Equitait Veterinary Practice :  

1Therapeutic efficacy of undenatured type-II collagen (UC-II) in comparison to glucosamine and chondroitin in arthritic horses. Gupta RC etal. J Vet Pharmacol Ther. 2009 Dec; 32(6):577-84.

In addition to this, the Equistro loyalty card scheme allows clients who purchase 5 Equistro products from the practice to a 6th product free of charge. If you're using different products, it's the lowest value product that is free of charge. If you would like to know more about this product or the loyalty card scheme please contact the practice.

On a maintenace dose of 10g/day a 600g tub will last 2 months.




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Zylkčne Equine - box of 20

Zylkène Equine is a natural product that has been developed to help horses and ponies overcome difficult or stressful situations. Zylkène Equine favours rapid and smooth adaptation to changing situations.

Stress in horses can be caused by many common situations including prolonged confinement (box rest), a new environment, people or new horses, competing, weaning, 'breaking' or training, travelling, clipping and vet, farrier or dentist visits.

It is proposed that a daily dose of Zylkène can help horses deal with anticipated stressful situations.

Zylkène Equine contains a substance (casozepine) derived from milk protein which has an effect on the receptors in the body involved in the regulation of emotional states.

My experience with many herbal or supplement calmers are that none are universally successful although some work for some horses. The scientific research and anecdotal reports suggest that Zylkène should work well, but must be used together with behavioural training to facilitate the horse to cope with challenging situations.

For more information on Zylkène Equine click on

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Zylkčne Equine - single sachet

Single sachet of Zylkene - see product description for box of 20 above.

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Cavalesse Combi Pack for Sweet Itch

Cavalesse and Cavalesse Topical is a new, simple to use, combined approach to skin allergies in horses. It is most frequently used in the management of Sweet Itch, but can also be useful for other allergic skin conditions.

Cavalesse is a natural food supplement containing a specialised formulation of water-soluble vitamins and minerals, including Nicotinamide (a form of water soluble vitamin B3). It helps horses maintain a healthy skin, moderating the excessive immune response within the skin, reducing anti-inflammatory reactions by reducing histamine release within the skin and suppressing antigen induced transformation.


Once a month the contents of each sachet are dissolved in water to form an oral solution, which can be administered either by sprinkling over a small handful of feed or adding to a treat such as a sugar lump.
In combination with this, Cavalesse Topical
that is applied to the skin to help support natural immunity from the outside, whilst the oral solution works from the inside.
Cavalesse pack contains 3 x 20gm sachets and 1 x 60gm gel.
Recommended daily amount:
Horses and ponies weighing less than 500kg: 2ml per day
Horses weighing more than 500kg: 3ml per day

*Dilute one sachet of Cavalesse in 80ml of water
*Administer once daily by drawing up the correct amount of the product using the pipette and sprinkling it over a snall handful of fee or onto a treat which you then give to your horse (do not use in a full feed)

Apply the Cavalesse Topical gel to the skin as appropriate. The gel will help to balance the inappropriate immune response from the outside which the oral solution works from the inside.

Use Cavalesse as early in the season as possible
Ths solution should be put in a small handful of food or on a treat, not into the feed bucket Give cavalesse around the same time every day (ie. morning or evening) The effects of nicotinamide only last for 24 hours so it is important to give at the same time daily

The combi-pack of 3 x 20g oral solution and 60g topical gel shown here is sufficient for a three-month supply which in most areas is sufficient to cover the worst of the Sweet Itch season.

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Cosequin Powder 700g tub

Cosequin is the worldwide number one supplement designed to support the health and function of your horse's joints. Cosequin is the most extensively researched product in its field. It is very pure, contains only the highest quality ingredients and is manufactured to human pharmaceutical standards.

Cosequin Equine contains a unique formulation of glucosamine hydrochloride (FCHG49®), chondroitin sulphate (TRH122®), manganese sulphate and vitamin E. This exact combination is not found in any other equine joint product. Other forms and sources of glucosamine and chondroitin are different and have not been shown to have the same benefits as Cosequin. Only Cosequin contains 100% pure chondroitin sulphate and 99% pure glucosamine hydrochloride. Only the molecules in Cosequin are chosen and trusted by the National Institute of Health (USA) as a recognised standard.

Cosequin Equine supports optimum joint health in many different ways: it maintains not only articular cartilage structure but also the health and function of accessory joint structures such as ligaments, tendons and joint fluid.

Cosequin Equine is appropriate for all horses and ponies whose joints have increased supportive requirements – especially competing or older horses. Many people choose to use Cosequin before they see joint problems, particularly if their horse is very active or at increased potential risk of developing joint disease in later life.

For further information visit the Cosequin website:

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Equitop Myoplast

Equitop Myoplast is a premium quality 100% natural feed supplement for horses, extracted from algae, and containing a unique combination of 18 specific amino aicds.  Amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins which form muscles. To achieve optimum performance, horses need nutrition that emphasises muscular development, allowing the maximum benefit to be gained from training and exercise.

Unlike many other supplements, which rely on a combination of oils and fats to improve condition, EQUITOP MYOPLAST focuses solely on muscle development. The complex blend of 18 amino acids complements those required by growing and recovering equine muscle tissue.

Horses can produce some amino acids themselves, but several others – the essential amino acids – must be supplied within their nutrition. If a horse's diet is lacking in any of these essential amino acids, their athletic performance will be limited.

Equitop Myoplast has no competition withhold and is intended to support muscle metabolism in horses at a time of increased protein demand.

To get £15 off your first tub of Equitop Myoplast, making the tub cost only £51.25, please follow the instructions at post us the voucher prior to making your order and we'll send you a cheque for £15 with the tub of Myoplast.

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Effydral Tablets (pack of 8)

Effydral Tablets are an equine supplement used to rehydrate horses and treat them for diarrhoea.

Effydral Tablets are specially formulated to reverse dehydration, electrolyte loss and metabolic acidosis.

Each Effydral Tablet is effervescent and should be dissolved in one litre of lukewarm (about 37C) water and given to your horse to drink.

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Glutalyte (8 x 180g sachets)

A readily available nutritional source of highly digestible ingredients to help stabilise water and electrolyte balance in horses and ponies to compensate for electrolyte loss following heavy sweating or during periods of convalescence and when nutritional restoration is required.

Glutalyte is intended for oral administration only. Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 2 litres (3.5 pints) of warm water. Offer the solution in place of drinking water. Water should be made available to animals that will not take Glutalyte for horses and ponies. Make a fresh solution every 24 hours.
Administer for up to 3 days as required. If necessary administration may be continued for a further four days (up to seven days in total).

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