Take the hassle out of worming and let us do the admin - Join our Annual Wise Worming Club


Join our annual Join our annual wise worming club for £49.95 and receive a pack including:


  • Three worm egg count kits - to be used between the end of March and October but don't worry we'll send you an e-mail reminder as to when you should be doing these.

  • One Equest Pramox - to be given in the late autumn/early winter. 

  • You will also be entitled to advice on your current worm control programme and which wormers to use if you find your horse has a burden that requires treatment. 

  • Members of the club will also get a 10% discount on additional wormers purchased through Equitait, if their horses require treatment. 


You can buy your kit through our online shop: http://www.equitait.com/page35.htm or by calling the Equitait office on: 01361 889106.