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* Dechra is the manufacturer of Equipalazone and Merial is the manufacturer of Gastroguard.

One of the failings of the internet is that there is very little quality control on the information that is published, increasing the need for verification and assessment of the validity of the information available. So, as well as trying to present a balanced view, we will give details of the sources of our information, making it easier for anyone wishing to further research these areas and also enabling you to confirm that our sources are reputable.

You are the guardian of your horse and as such are commonly faced with difficult decisions. A positive aspect of the equine community is that everyone generally has an opinion. This, however, means that you frequently have to work out which opinion is the best for you and your horse. There isn’t always a right answer when searching for advice and equine science still has many answers to find but through science and research many questions are being answered.

Our factsheets provide you with general information on conditions as well as some specific guidance on aspects of treatment and their management.

All scientific updates and fact sheets have been produced by Equitait unless otherwise stated. The information contained on this website is (unless credited as being from another source) the opinion solely of the authors based on their experiences and learning – no liability is accepted in either instance. Some of the information described may be contentious and there may be some areas of considerable disagreement between individual veterinary surgeons, research workers and horse owners. Many vets will have their own opinions based upon their own experiences and as would be the case in all biological systems there is bound to be variation in the case types presented to different veterinarians.