We are regularly asked to provide work experience for school students and extra mural studies for veterinary students.  If you would like to contact us please download the relevant forms below and either post or e-mail them to us.

Extra Mural Studies – Equine

Should you wish to undertake EMS with Equitait Veterinary Practice, please Click here to download the EMS application form.


We offer a Student Bursary Programme for those in their final 2 years and an Internship on graduation. If you are interested please follow the links for further details.


School Work Experience

We have a large number of requests for work experience placements and regret that we are not able to meet all of them.  We also have a large number of veterinary students to accommodate so we can only currently offer 4 school students a placement per year. It is therefore advisable to get your application to us at the earliest possible opportunity. Click here to download the application form.


Work Experience or Extra Mural Studies – Lambing

Whether it be people wishing to gain experience prior to applying for veterinary, or agricultural studies, we get a number of students asking if they can come and help around lambing time. We are looking for an enthusiastic individual who is keen to learn in the coming lambing season.

This is an unpaid role but students will get an opportunity to learn about and get hands on experience with dealing with:

  • What is normal in terms of the labour process and care of the ewe and lamb around the time of lambing;
  • Feeding and caring for pet and orphaned lambs;
  • Adoption and fostering of lambs;
  • Uterine and vaginal prolapses;
  • Weak and hypothermic lambs;
  • Peri-parturient disease such as ‘twin lamb disease’;
  • Difficult lambings; and
  • Mis-mothering issues.

We lamb approximately 550 ewes outdoors and at the same time of year calf approximately 75 cows. We select breeding stock and then manage our animals so we intervene with them as little as possible so as to make the process as natural as possible.

The flock is jointly managed by a veterinary surgeon and farmer who have over 65 years of lambing experience between them so there is a wealth of experience to be able to learn from.

Approximate dates April 7th – 21st

For some students the opportunity to perform this role for a few hours either before or after school/weekends is welcomed.

If you are interested in this opportunity please complete this application form and email it to: enquiries@equitait.com. 

Closing date January 31st each year.