Tetanus – An extremely unpleasant disease to witness which is usually fatal. A horse doesn’t even need to leave home to be at risk of picking up tetanus.  A small puncture wound can be all that is required for the bacteria to enter and in most cases the disease proves fatal despite attempts at treatment. It is caused by bacteria found in soil and horse droppings, which enter the body through wounds or punctures in the hoof. Horses will develop muscle stiffness resulting in a “rocking-horse” stance and “lock-jaw”.

Equine Influenza – A highly infectious viral disease which affects the respiratory tract and lungs. It is widespread throughout the horse population and spread directly horse-to-horse or via contaminated people, tack or feed. Signs include a dry, harsh cough, fever, nasal discharge and lethargy. Following a bout of ‘flu’, horses may need complete rest for at least 6 weeks, however there can often be secondary complications which may require longer treatment.

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