Breeding & Stud Work

Here we have attached four documents designed to cover the main aspects of the upcoming breeding season. We hope that reading through this information will answer some of your questions and get you thinking about the next steps as your foal grows up.

To help you be prepared for your new foal’s arrival we have attached a fact sheet on foaling and the first 24 hours of a new born foal’s life. Equitait Newborn Foals article

There is also information on post foaling checks; why we recommend them and why they can be life saving. We work through a standard protocol with every foal, a thorough examination, followed by discussing your observations, which can often give us vital early indicators if things are not quite right. A template of the post foaling check certificate is attached too, have a look at it and familiarise yourself with the owner’s section.

For those preparing to breed mares this season there is a factsheet: getting-your-mare-back-in-foal and it includes information on Equitait’s Stud Services for the forthcoming year.

It’s amazing how time flies and before you know it your foal will be romping around. Our factsheet foals and youngsters covers all aspects of husbandry for a growing youngster including vaccination, worming, weaning, microchipping and passports as well as dental care and farriery.

There is lots of reading material here but we are sure you will find it helpful. We are dedicated to supporting you through this busy and sometimes stressful period. Foals are a real delight but can be deceptively delicate, so if in doubt give us a call and we will be happy to discuss any concerns.

Breeding can be rewarding for all involved so we look forward to meeting your new arrivals in due course.