Diagnostics and treatment

Digital radiography


Equitait Veterinary Practice has their own mobile Eklin digital radiography system (a digital x-ray).

Electric tooth rasp

Equitait  Veterinary Practice use a Flexxi-disc.  This electric tooth rasp is one of the most versatile on the market and its cutting disc head is very well guarded, making it extremely tissue-friendly.  While electric tooth rasps have revolutionised the way in which we now rasp teeth, care must be taken not to remove too much from the horse’s teeth each time that they are rasped, as this could cause problems for the horse in the future.

Ultrasonography: At Equitait Veterinary Practice we use three different ultrasound scanners:

  • MyLab – a fantastic scanner for musculoskeletal assessment. It gives detailed images of superficial structures and is frequently used to examine the digital flexor tendons and superficial bone surfaces, joints and wounds.
  • Sector Scanner – The 3mhz probe on our unit allows us to look a bit deeper into the body. It is used to look at some of the structures within the chest and abdomen. It is often used for assessment of the intestines, spleen, liver, kidney and surface of the lungs. It can also be used for trans-abdominal pregnancy diagnosis, ultrasound guided biopsy of the liver and ultrasound guided injection of the sacro-iliac region.
  • Rectal Scanner – This scanner is mainly used for examination of the reproductive tract in mares. It can be used to assess the overies and uterus around the time of breeding and to diagnose pregnancy.