Prescriptions Medications

Please DO NOT ORDER these products unless you are a client of Equitait Veterinary Practice and we have seen your horse for a specific long standing condition where we have prescribed this treatment within the last 6 months.

This page contains prescription only medications and is only for use by clients of Equitait Veterinary Practice. The pharmaceutical products below are for clients who have horses that have already been seen by the practice and have been prescibed these products for a specific long standing condition. Repeat prescriptions are for a limited period of time only and your horse will need periodic examinations to review the condition and medication.

Please note that following your order the invoice will be shown to one of the vets at Equitait Veterinary Practice to ensure they are happy with amount ordered and the time since last examined. If this is over what they feel is acceptable we will contact you shortly. Acceptance of payment at this stage is not acceptance of the order.

Only order prescription only drugs if your horse’s passport has been signed to state that the horse will not go for human consumption.

By ordering these drugs you are confirming that your horse has a passport that the section IX is signed declaring the horse is not intended for the human consumption.

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